I have started publishing in English in 2013, resulting in the stories and nonfiction articles listed below. Moreover, I have published seven novels, one anthology and over thirty short stories in Czech. My stories were also translated into Chinese, Romanian, German, Filipino, Bulgarian, Estonian and Portuguese. The comprehensive list of my fiction can be found here. If you’re interested in my nonfiction publications, go here.

Works in English


  • upcoming: anthology Life Beyond Us (ed. Julie Nováková, Lucas K. Law, Susan Forest)


  • reprint: The Curtain Falls, The Show Must End (in The Rosetta Archive, ed. Alex Shvartsman and Tarryn Thomas)
  • A Flaw in The Works (in The Best World SF, Volume II)


  • Aeronauts of Aura (in Ares Magazine)
  • reprint: The Long Iapetan Night (in The Best Science Fiction of The Year, ed. Neil Clarke)
  • reprint: Second Generation (in Vital: Future of Healthcare, ed. R.M. Ambrose)
  • reprint: Goal Invariance Under Radical Self-Modification (in European Science Fiction #1: Knowing the Neighbours, ed. Francesco Verso)


  • The Long Iapetan Night (in Asimov’s 11-12 2020)
  • Second Generation (in Future SF Digest)
  • anthology: Strangest of All (an anthology of astrobiology-themed SF as an outreach project for the European Astrobiology Institute; ed. Julie Nováková)
  • Tones of Memories (in Coppice & Brake)
  • Goal Invariance Under Radical Self-Modification (in Future SF Digest)
  • A Mountain to Climb (in AVATARS Inc.)


  • Martian Fever (Analog 11/12 2019)
  • Dreaming Up The Future (Analog 7-8 2019)
  • From So Complex A Beginning (Analog 9-10 2019)
  • anthology: Haka: European Speculative Fiction in Filipino (ed. Julie Nováková and Jaroslav Olša, Jr.; Anvil Publishing, 2019)
  • reprint: The Gift (in Rich Horton’s The Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2019)
  • reprint: Becoming (in Strange Constellations)


  • Deep Down in The Cloud (in Clarkesworld 2/2018)
  • The Frankenstein Sonata (in Broad Knowledge)
  • Reset in Peace (in Amazing Stories, winter 2018)
  • All The Smells in The World (Analog 1-2 2019)
  • reprint: The Symphony of Ice and Dust (in The Final Frontier)
  • podcast: Étude for An Extraordinary Mind (in StarShipSofa)
  • translationUnder The Spinodal Curve by Hanuš Seiner (in
  • translation: The Iconoclasma by Hanuš Seiner (in F&SF)




  • nonfiction: Small Markets, Big Wonders (Clarkesworld 4/2015)
  • fiction: A Different Kind of Story (in Theme of Absence) + author spotlight
  • fiction: A Taste to Be Remembered (in Saturday Night Reader)
  • fiction: A Cup of Coffee for Rind (in Domain SF)
  • fiction: The Adventure of The Lost Theorem (in The Mammoth Book of The Adventures of Moriarty)
  • fiction: Slice of Life (in TFF-X: Ten Years of the Future Fire)
  • fiction: Dancing An Elegy, His Own (in Fantasy Scroll)



  • fiction: The Symphony of Ice and Dust (in Clarkesworld 10/2013)
  • fiction: The Brass City (in Penny Dread Tales Volume 3: In Darkness Clockwork Shine, RuneWright)

Novels, anthologies and collections (in Czech)


  • upcoming: Světy za obzorem (“Worlds Beyond The Horizon”, a story collection; to be published by Brokilon)


  • Prstenec prozření (“The Divination Ring”, published by Brokilon)
  • Elysium (“Elysium”, published by Brokilon)
  • Hvězdoměnci (“Starshapers”, published by Brokilon)
  • Terra nullius (“Terra nullius”, an anthology; published by Brokilon)


  • Hopeless (“Bez naděje”, published by Triton)


  • Never Trust Anything (“Nikdy nevěř ničemu”, published by MOBA)
  • A Silent Planet (“Tichá planeta”, published by Epocha)


  • The Crime on The Poseidon City (“Zločin na Poseidon City”, published by Triton)

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