Publications: Fiction

Fiction bibliography: Works in English


  • Deep Down in The Cloud (in Clarkesworld 2/2018)
  • upcoming fiction: The Frankenstein Sonata (in Broad Knowledge)
  • upcoming fiction: Aeronauts of Aura (in Ares Magazine)
  • upcoming fiction (reprint): The Symphony of Ice and Dust (in The Final Frontier)
  • podcast: Étude for An Extraordinary Mind (in StarShipSofa)
  • translation: Under The Spinodal Curve by Hanuš Seiner (in
  • upcoming translation: The Iconoclasma by Hanuš Seiner (in F&SF)


  • The Wagner Trouble (in GigaNotoSaurus 4/2017)
  • To See The Elephant (in Analog 5-6/2017)
  • Étude for An Extraordinary Mind (in Futuristica, Vol. II)
  • translationTerra Nullius by Hanuš Seiner (in Strange Horizons)
  • translationHexagrammaton by Hanuš Seiner (in


  • The Ship Whisperer (in Asimov’s)
  • The Nightside (in Alien Artifacts anthology)
  • Becoming (in Persistent Visions)
  • Dreams From Beyond (an anthology of Czech SF in English; ed. Julie Novakova)




  • The Symphony of Ice and Dust (in Clarkesworld 10/2013)
  • The Brass City (in Penny Dread Tales Volume 3: In Darkness Clockwork Shine, RuneWright)


Fiction bibliography: Works in Czech


  • upcoming: Světy za obzorem (“Worlds Beyond The Horizon”, a story collection; to be published by Brokilon), Opona padá, hra skončila (short story “The Curtain Falls, the Show is Over” in anthology Ve stínu Říše, to be published by Epocha)


  • Nesnáze s Wagnerem (in anthology Bájná stvoření)
  • Étuda pro výjimečnou mysl (in anthology Žena se lvem)
  • Zatanči elegii (in magazine Pevnost 6/2016)


  • Gemini I: The Ring of Awakening (Brokilon)
  • Gemini II: Elysium (Brokilon)
  • Gemini III: The Starshapers (Brokilon)
  • Terra nullius (a transhumanist-themed anthology I’ve edited; Brokilon)
  • The Symphony of Ice and Dust (Czech translation in magazine XB-1: December issue)
  • The Brass City (Czech translation in magazine XB-1: January issue)


  • The Dim City (in The Song of Metal Whales, Konektor XB-1)
  • Chef’s Special (in magazine XB-1)
  • Hopeless, a novel in the “Agent John Francis Kovář” adventure series (Triton)
  • Aeronauts of Aura (in magazine Pevnost)
  • Étude for An Extraordinary Mind (in magazine Vesmir)


  • Two Steps from Paradise (in magazine XB-1)
  • 11 percent (in magazine Lemurie)


  • Adventures of Mr. Finnegan (in Death in The Steamlines, Konektor XB-1)
  • Bodhisattva (in KOČAS 2012, Laser-books)
  • A Mourning Song for The Last Fairy (in magazine Pevnost)
  • Whodunnit (in magazine Lemurie)


  • Never Trust Anything (a novel, MOBA)
  • A Silent Planet (a novel, Epocha)
  • A City Made of Fibers (in magazine Pevnost)
  • A Jade Talisman I (in The Secret Book of Shadowlight, Albatros)
  • A Jade Talisman II (in The Secret Book of Shadowlight, Albatros)
  • Program Ovidius (in KOČAS 2011, Laser-books)
  • Sweet Dreams, Joe (in magazine XB-1)
  • Knock on The Door of Imagination (in magazine XB-1)
  • The Blood Rain (in magazine XB-1)


  • The Clown and The Rose (Cadets of Fantasy, Straky na vrbě)
  • When The First Spring Flowers Bloom (Kill Or Save Your Alien, Mladá Fronta)
  • Atamansi (in magazine Ikarie 10/2010)


  • The Arcadia (in magazine Ikarie 05/2009)
  • The Crime on The Poseidon City (a novel, Triton)
  • Safety Above All (in The Salamander 2009, Nová vlna)
  • The Sign of Fortune (in The Salamander 2009, Nová vlna)
  • The Legend of Whispering Stars (in KOČAS 2009, Laser-books)
  • The Reunion in Verdun (in The Foam of History or Stories That Never Happened, Tribun EU)


  • The May Day’s Night Wish (in Shadows of The Towers, Triton)
  • The Real Estate Dealer (in The Salamander 2008, Nová vlna)


  • The Clash of Stars (in Shadows of The Sea, Triton)


  1. I just subscribed to Clarkesworld, and the first story I read from the first issue I got (#137) was your short story, Deep Down in The Cloud. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed it–it was great!

    1. Thank you, Ben, I’m happy to hear that! I hope you’ve liked the whole issue and that you’ll want to continue reading both the magazine and my stories.

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