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This is the list of my nonfiction works. Most of them are popular science articles focused usually on some features of biology (my field of study) or space exploration (my longterm hobby). Interviews are listed separately, below the rest. You can also search for interviews right at this site (not yet listed below).

I’ve also written a number of reviews and short essays on genre topics for the web version of Czech SF magazine XB-1. I won’t list these at this page but if you’re interested in them, click here.

In English






In Czech


  • “Realms of Dark, Deep and Cold – extended Czech translation (“Říše temnoty a chladu”) in magazine Vesmir, 10/2014
  • “What can exoplanet atmospheres data tell us?” (“Co nám mohou prozradit atmosféry exoplanet?”) in magazine XB-1, 5/2014


  • “Missions to Mars” (“Výpravy na Mars”) in magazine XB-1, 12/2013
  • “The death (and partial ressurection) of Homo economicus” (“Smrt (a částečné vzkříšení) Homo economicus“) in magazine Vesmir, 6/2013


  • “Immortality: We seek and fear it” (“Nesmrtelnost: toužíme po ní, bojíme se jí…”) in magazine XB-1, 9/2012
  • “Biology in science fiction” (“Biologie v literární SF”) in magazine XB-1, 5/2012



  • “Human Nature: A Conversation with Peter Watts” in Clarkesworld magazine, issue 95
  • interview with C. C. Finlay in magazine XB-1, 8/2014; a snippet in English will be published here
  • interview with Garth Nix in magazine XB-1, 7/2014; a snippet in English will be published here
  • interview with Ken Liu in magazine XB-1, 4/2014; a snippet in English will be published here
  • interview with Adam-Troy Castro in magazine XB-1, 3/2014; snippet in English here
  • interview with Neil Clarke in magazine XB-1, 2/2014; snippet in English here
  • interview with Martin Šust in magazine XB-1, 1/2014; snippet in English here

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