2018 eligibility post

So it’s this time of year again: Nebula nominations are now open. Everyone’s making eligibility posts, so, without further ado, here’s mine:

Short stories

Deep Down in The Cloud” (Clarkesworld Feb 2018) – SF

Under The Spinodal Curve” by Hanuš Seiner, in my translation (Tor.com, March 2018) – SF

“Frankenstein Sonata” (Broad Knowledge, Upper Rubber Boot, 2018) – F/SF/horror

“All The Smells in The World” (Analog Jan/Feb 2019; published Dec 18, upcoming) – SF

“Reset in Peace” (Amazing Stories, upcoming) – SF


“Screen in Silver, Love in Colour, Mirror in Black-and-White” (Shades Within Us, Laksa Media, 2018) – fantasy

“The Gift” (Asimov’s Nov/Dec 2018) + accompanying blogpost – SF

“The Iconoclasma” by Hanuš Seiner, in my translation (F&SF Nov/Dec 2018) – SF


More stories of mine, and hopefully some translations too, are upcoming next year. Plus there’s an anthology of European SF in Filipino translation I’ve co-edited with His Excellency Jaroslav Olša, Jr., the Czech ambassador in the Philippines – but more about that later!

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