5th issue of Fantasy Scroll and my review of Echopraxia

The fifth issue of Fantasy Scroll Magazine is online, including my review of Peter Watts’ sequel to Blindsight, Echopraxia. The magazine is also moving to a bimonthly schedule and has started a brand new podcast feature.

And after arriving to what I call the Watts conclusion* so often in my discussions with friends, another one of them finally read Blindsight!

* It seems that regardless of whether we’re discussing neural networks, future forms of government, life in unusual places, collapses of civilization, brain-to-brain implants, hive minds or something else entirely, there is always a moment when I or Tom (to whom I recommended Watts’ SF earlier) say: “You know, Watts wrote about this.”

I’d say that’s another marking of a truly great SF author: When a group of futurists (two physicists, two biologists and a renaissance-man journalist) repeatedly arrives to conclusions such as those in the fiction and can be inspired by it to discuss more ideas and reach further in their questions, or just be amazed. In one word, brilliant!

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