ESA Citizens’ Debate

Today was the historically first ESA Citizens’ Debate: an event spanning two continents (ESA member and cooperating states in Europe, and Canada, working with ESA under their cooperation agreement) and including about 2000 citizens discussing the future directions of European space activities.

The Czech debate had a good attendance of around 100 people. Now, the results of the debate in each country and polled together are just being processed and you can already see some at


But the part of our discussion about getting people to become more interested in space has inspired me to make a short list of space-related popular science magazines, websites, organizations or contests in the Czech Republic. It’s not comprehensive, so if you think I’ve omitted something, let me know. I’ll try to include as many relevant entries as possible. I haven’t included space-themed popular science books so far, because they’re so many, but I’ll eventually add them.

So, here we go…

Print magazines

Websites or online magazines



Not solely about space, but you’ll find it there too…

  • Vesmí (popular science magazine + website)
  • Přírodově (popular science magazine + website)
  • (popular science website)
  • (popular science website)
  • (popular science website)
  • Věda z kufru (science experiments for schools)
  • …and many more e-zines or outreach programs I’ll keep adding!

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