Julie does eligibility post

Hey, you know what’s very different on the Anglophone SFF market as compared to the Czech one, beside what I’ve highlighted in my older Clarkesworld article?

We don’t do eligibility posts on the Czech market. It’s logical; it’s so small that you can expect everyone to at least vaguely hear about nearly everything that’s published. On the Anglo-American market, you’re supposed to shout, because few others will shout for you.

So here’s my shout. Let me first of all highlight two stories by Hanuš Seiner in my translation: short story “Terra Nullius”, published in Strange Horizons, and novelette “Hexagrammaton”, published at Tor.com. I’ve loved both stories in the original and couldn’t resist translating them. I can heartily recommend both.

Then there’s my own fiction, of course. I particularly enjoyed writing “Étude for An Extraordinary Mind” (in Futuristica Vol. II), a short story about music, multiple personalities, autism, and a bit of synesthesia. Those who prefer delving into animal minds will love novelette “To See The Elephant” (in Analog, 5-6/2017). Finally, if you prefer fantasy, and especially if you love music, there’s novelette “The Wagner Trouble” (in GigaNotoSaurus) for you.

Oh, and before you go, please consider supporting me on Patreon if you want to see more translations of brilliant Czech fiction, and more of my own fiction and nonfiction.


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