The Writing Workshop in Prague

Are you an aspiring author writing in English and based in Prague, and want to join a workshop to improve your craft? You might consider the Writing Workshop, an initiative founded by a successful SF writer and friend of mine, Jan Kotouč. He’s been running the workshop for two years by now and starting with this year, he’s expanding and offering more courses and classes by more lecturers. Jan is teaching the Intro to Creative Writing, Public Speaking and Press Releases. Our marketing expert Honza Felt teaches Internet Marketing for Writers. These are all one-day courses. The six-lesson Creative Writing workshop is taught by Jan and me. We’ll also start offering courses on book promotion and publishing in speculative fiction magazines (by yours truly).

Anyone can join the upcoming courses – the only requirement is being able to communicate in English. We’ve already had students from Russia, Latvia, Finland, Fiji, Croatia and other countries and we are always looking forward to meeting students from the whole world!

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