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Well, AFO turned out great despite some small organizational problems. The films and talks were all interesting. I liked Pohyby (Movements) and Kmeny: Hackeři (Tribes: Hackers) a lot and James Kakalios’ talk on the physics of superheroes was great fun. And he wasn’t afraid to show equations! That always cheers me up. Lawrence Krauss’ “Physics of Star Trek” was also very good but Kakalios was just the highlight. And Richard Dawkins’ lecture on evolutionary arms races was great too. Though not news for the biologists in the audience, it was brilliantly prepared and interesting to hear.

I also hope people liked my talk about subsurface oceans, I’ve had some good feedback. By the way, I do hope I’ll need to revise it substantially after the New Horizons‘ flyby of Pluto…

During AFO, a little experimental piece of mine, “A Different Kind of Story“, was published at Theme of Absence along with a short interview with me. I hope you like it!

And you can expect a post on transhumanism quite soon as the publication date of my anthology Terra nullius draws nearer. The anthology is in Czech but with some luck, you’ll see one or two of the stories in English as well.

In other news, my diploma thesis is finally almost out of my hands which means I have a little time for the blog again (and to write some great science fiction, hopefully). Well, see you here!

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