Asimov’s, baby!

ASF_MARCH2016_400x580I’m proud to announce that I have a short story, titled “The Ship Whisperer”, in the new March issue of Asimov’s. It makes me very happy to share the issue with so many great authors, and I’ve had good feedback on the story so far. I hope you like it too! Let me know.

What happens when people find an object that should not exist in our universe for at least a trillion more years? How could it be there, and what does its existence mean for the future of humanity? A “ship whisperer” Icarus Caille is trying to find out, but so do other people whose motivation is far from pure curiosity.

Here’s the full table of contents.

The story first appeared in Czech in the anthology “Terra nullius”, and also in translation by Geng Hui in the Chinese magazine ZUI Found.


  1. A truly great story worthy of publication in any SF journal. Please may we have more of your work translated in English!

    1. Thanks, Alex! I’ve got short stories slated for two anthologies planned for this summer/fall: Alien Artifacts and Futuristica Vol. II, and I hope other ones will succeed in other magazines and anthologies as well. I’ll announce everything here. Stay tuned, please!

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