Upcoming stories in Alien Artifacts and Futuristica II

I have upcoming short stories in two anthologies to be published this summer/fall. Alien Artifacts, edited by Joshua Palmatier, are coming out in August. Here’s the full TOC:

Introduction by Patricia Bray
“Radio Silence” by Walter H. Hunt
“The Nightside” by Julie Novakova
“The Familiar” by David Farland
“Me and Alice” by Angela D. Penrose
“The Other Side” by S.C. Butler
“The Hunt” by Gail Z. Martin & Larry N. Martin
“The Sphere” by Juliet E. McKenna
“Shame the Devil” by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
“The Captain’s Throne” by Andrija Popovic
“Weird is the New Normal” by Jacey Bedford
“And We Have No Words to Tell” by Sofie Bird
“Titan Descanso” by James Van Pelt
“Alien Epilogue” by Gini Koch
“The Haint of Sweetwater River” by Anthony Lowe
“Music of the Stars” by Jennifer Dunne
“The Night You Were a Comet” by Coral Moore
“The God Emperor of Lassie Point” by Daniel J. Davis
“Pandora” by C.S. Friedman
“Round and Round We Ride the Carousel of Time” by Seanan McGuire

My story “The Nightside” takes place on a mining station built on a barren remnant of a planet. The protagonists must face the harsch environment, difficult decisions, their own fear and each other in the story of a unique discovery.

Check out the awesome cover art here.

The second story, “Etude for An Extraordinary Mind”, is set in very near future and centers around an autistic teenage girl whose parents decide to try a new approach to help her connect with other people. But is it what she wants – and, in the end, who is she?

Metasagas Press released the first volume of their Futuristica anthologies in March. The second volume, featuring my story, should be published sometime in November.

I also have great news concerning my anthology Terra nullius (published in Czech in 2015). It has been nominated in two categories of the Academy of science fiction, fantasy and horror awards! I’m very happy that readers as well as critics liked the anthology so much, and I hope that at least some of the stories will appear in English too. (One of them already has – my story “The Ship Whisperer”, published in the March 2016 issue of Asimov’s. However, many more of them deserve to appear in translation.)

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